Always Evolving! An Update on PromoSuite Next Features Added this Fall!
Posted by Ben Singer on 11/14/2018 2:00:00 PM.

Here are a few of the great new features that have been recently released. As always, you can call your friendly Client Relations Specialist at (212) 509-1200 to ask questions and get more details!

PromoSuite Next

Unlocking the Secrets of the Toolbar
Posted by Ben Singer on 11/12/2018 10:00:00 AM.

As a PromoSuite Client Support contact, one of the more interesting parts of my job happens when someone shares their screen with me so I can walk them through a question or problem they’re having. It really gives me a look into how they navigate the program, what buttons they use the most, and what buttons they may not even know are there.

In this article, I want to highlight a few features from the PromoSuite Next toolbar that can save you a ton of time. Give them a try and see what I mean!More

Best Practices, PromoSuite Next

Announcing a New Integration
Posted by PromoSuite News on 9/18/2018 10:00:00 AM.

PromoSuite and SoCast Partner for New Integration of Promotions Management System with Web and Mobile Apps


PromoSuite and SoCast are excited to announce a new integration that drastically improves the speed and accuracy of website and app updates for on-air contesting, contest rules, storm closing information, and event listings. With this new integration, information entered into PromoSuite Next -- PromoSuite’s cloud-based promotions management system -- is instantly and automatically updated on radio station websites and apps within SoCast’s digital platform.

“Our mission at SoCast is to make every aspect if digital easy and profitable for radio broadcasters,” said Elliott Hurst, CEO of SoCast. “PromoSuite is the leader in radio promotions tools, and we’re excited about bringing the integration of our web and mobile platforms to their widely used promotions management system. We feel a natural camaraderie with Rocco and his team and look forward to future technical integrations and new developments down the road.”

“Promotions Directors are among the most overworked people in radio,” noted Rocco Macri, CEO of PromoSuite. “As a former Marketing Director myself, I know that the to-do list is never-ending and things like updating digital content can often get pushed to the side. SoCast understands what radio needs and their digital platforms are built specifically for radio, making them the perfect partner for PromoSuite. Now, with this advanced integration of our two systems, station staff can enter content in just one place—PromoSuite Next—and have it automatically updated on two additional digital platforms—web and mobile!”

This new integration is live now on SoCast’s platform and free for any radio stations using both PromoSuite Next and SoCast. For more information about setting up this integration or signing up for either system, contact Rachel Field from PromoSuite at 212-509-1200 x205 /, or Eric Eisen from SoCast at 416-635-6678 x223 /

About PromoSuite

PromoSuite is a New York City-based technology company that launched in 1992 by introducing the ground-breaking “Promotion Manager Software,” and continues to be the leader in promotions workflow and efficiency tools for the broadcast industry. PromoSuite Next is the cloud-based successor to the original promotions management system, helping radio stations manage contests, live content, events and sales promotion requests in a paperless, stress-free environment. PromoSuite Next is currently used by over 2500 radio stations worldwide. Visit to learn more.

About SoCast

SoCast makes digital growth easy for broadcasters. As the premier end-to-end content management and advertising platform for radio, SoCast drives revenue growth by providing a user-friendly, integrated suite of products, best-in-class coaching, training and support, and digital innovation. Based in Canada's tech capital Toronto, SoCast's clients in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa easily manage content and advertising for their digital audiences everywhere; in websites, apps, social, video, audio, and smart speakers. Please visit for more information.

PromoSuite Contact:
CJ Knowles
Business Development Manager
212-509-1200 x206

SoCast Contact:
Renée Cassis
RC Communications Marketing

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The Importance of Logging Out
Posted by CJ Knowles, Business Development Manager, on 8/13/2018 11:30:00 AM.

On the topic of security, users sometimes ask us why PromoSuite Next logs them out. While we know it can sometimes catch you off guard, it’s very important. It’s about more than just protecting your stations’ listener data—it’s about protecting you specifically!

We always encourage users to log out of PromoSuite Next using the Logout button under their name. We know though that people sometimes forget, or they just close the browser tab with the X in the corner, or they just leave their browser open and go home for the day (looking at you, On-Air folks…). So, it’s with your security in mind that PromoSuite Next logs you out after periods of inactivity. Our automatic logout helps to make sure no nefarious ne’er-do-wells hijack the PromoSuite session that you left open and do something shady, then have you take the fall for it.

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Passwords: Like Locking Your Front Door at Night
Posted by Nia Levy on 8/10/2018 11:00:00 AM.

We get a lot of questions from users about passwords, particularly why PromoSuite requires a password change every 90 days and doesn’t allow you to recycle the same password for a 180-day period. If your music scheduling and automation software don’t require this, why do we?

The answer is simple: listener data. PromoSuite Next houses addresses, contact information, and even social security numbers. Your company is responsible for housing this sensitive data, and passwords are the first of our many lines of industry standard defenses. After all, you can have 4-foot concrete walls with bars on the windows, but they aren’t going to do much if you leave the front door wide open!

Best Practices, PromoSuite Next

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