Generating your 1099s for Tax Time!
Posted by Andrew Smith, Manager, Client Relations on 1/9/2014 12:45:00 PM.
If it’s one thing any New Year is good for, it’s stress. Come January, after enjoying a few days off of work, you are tasked with generating a 1099 report for all winners who have won $600 or more in prizes throughout the year. Back in the dark ages, this involved tons of curse words coming from your office, but now with PromoSuite, this can be an easy task.

To generate  your 1099 Report, we generally recommend first eliminating any duplicate listeners. Having a duplicate listener occurs when someone may enter a winner with a slightly different spelling of their name, or address…or by accidentally putting in an incorrect zip code.
To remove duplicate listeners, log in to PromoSuite, then click on ListenerSync > Database Tools > Duplicate Listeners. You should then see a screen that looks like this:
This is where you can set your criteria for PromoSuite to use in searching for duplicate listeners. The lower the number, the more duplicates it is likely to find. Once you have set your criteria, click on “Proceed to Removal Options.”  This will bring you to the following screen, where you should then click on “Manually Combine Listeners”:
Now you can begin removing those duplicates. If you have multiple entries for a winner you can choose which entry to delete by checking off the box on the left, then giving that person their individual grouping number as shown below. PromoSuite will then combine any prize winnings into the remaining entry so that nothing is lost. If you need help on what to do, there’s a handy “Show me what to do!” button on the bottom left, and of course your PromoSuite Client Relations Representative is always just a phone call away.
Now you’re ready to generate your 1099s! If you take advantage of PromoSuite’s Clusterwide Elgibilty Checking Service, you should now call your Client Relations Representative so that they can assist you in uploading the data for all your stations. Once that step is complete, or if you are not taking advantage of the Clusterwide Service, you can now generate your 1099.
To generate the 1099s, click on ListenerSync > 1099 Forms. Fill in the necessary information which you will see highlighted below. This year, your dates should be 01/01/2013 through 12/31/2013. Be sure to check the box that says “Only include prizes distributed,” to exclude listeners who did not pick up their prizes. The cumulative prize value box should be set at $600.00. The report should be generated based on the date the prize was distributed, not the date won. If you have the Clusterwide Eligibility Checking Service, be sure to click “yes” on the line that asks “Generate based on value of prizes won at all stations in the cluster?” If you do not have the Clusterwide Service, click “no.” Enter your stations call letters and then click on “continue.”
The next screen will then display a list of all winners who match your criteria, and will give you a few export options. You will notice three different types of spreadsheet options, each one offers a different format, you can click each to see what it shows. From there you can save, print or send off your report to your business department.

That’s it! 1099s made simple! Happy Tax Season!

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