1099 Season
Posted by Daniel Nachimson, Senior Client Relations on 11/1/2016 10:00:00 AM.
1099 season is almost upon us and getting all your winner information ready for the year-end tax reporting can seem daunting, but fortunately you’ve kept track of all your prize activity to a tee with PromoSuite Next. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things can slip through the cracks. Here’s a nice checklist that can help you now, and throughout the year.

• Make sure all of your tickets and prizes in the Prize Closet have values, regardless of how little or how much. That $12 CD can really add up for your regular winners through the 12-month period and will contribute to that bottom line of the taxable $600 threshold!

• Have PromoSuite Next notify you when it’s time to get a winner’s Social Security #. You can set a customized threshold in the 1099’s section of the Database setup (Setup > Database > 1099s), keeping the listener’s year to date winnings under consideration, both for a single station as well as winnings across the entire cluster.

• Need to know which listeners have provided you with a W-9 and who you still need to chase after? As you check the “W-9 Received” box for each listener on the Listener History page, PromoSuite Next allows you to run a report (Front Desk > Listener Database > Reports > W-9 Report) for each station or the entire cluster, showing you results of the winners that signed W-9’s and those that didn’t. Heck, you can even store a digital copy for your own records! (See our story on Digital Release Forms and W-9’s.)

• Of course, don’t forget to do a few test runs throughout the year, regardless of when or for which value. Our “Create 1099’s” utility is conveniently located in the Front Desk section by going to Front Desk > Listener Database > Utilities > Create 1099s. It’s a good opportunity to spot-check so you don’t add to the year-end stress!
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