Quickly Manage your Year-End 1099s with PromoSuite Next
Posted by Andrew Smith, Manager, Client Relations on 12/15/2016 11:00:00 AM.
With PromoSuite Next, it’s never been simpler to manage your 1099s. By heading to Front Desk > Listener Database > Utilities > Create 1099s you can find everything you’ll need in one place. Set your criteria, set your dollar amount threshold (usually $600) and even generate 1099s for your entire cluster all in a few clicks.

Many of our clients export their PromoSuite Next 1099 reports to Microsoft Excel, which can allow you to import the information into various bookkeeping programs. If you want, you can even print directly onto blank 1099 forms—PromoSuite Next will fill in the required fields with the proper information prior to printing so all you need to do is grab them off the printing tray when they’re finished. Looking for a little more detail on the items a specific person won? No problem! Simply select the Details View option to get an itemized breakdown of all prizes one for all winners over your threshold.

If you’re having trouble exporting the info in a specific way, definitely give your Client Relations Specialist a call. They’ve seen it all, and they’re here (among many other reasons) to make sure you don’t get yelled at by your General Manager or Market Controller.

Generating 1099s can be a tedious and time consuming project, but with the tools in PromoSuite Next, and the assistance of your Client Relations Specialist it can be a lot more efficient. When your business office comes calling, just give PromoSuite a call at (212) 509-1200 or email us at info@promosuite.com.
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