Happy Arbor Day. Go Paperless!
Posted by Michael Malone, IT Manager, on 4/29/2016 10:12:00 AM.

Squirrels are the best.  They're cute, they're fluffy, & they help to plant trees when they can't remember where they buried their nuts.  With Arbor Day here, you can help take a load off the squirrel's forgetful work by using PromoSuite Next to save needless paper waste!
One great way to save paper is by using the email feature within PromoSuite Next.  In many of the reports or various sections of PromoSuite Next, you can simply click on the Email icon found at the top of the page & send that information to any other PromoSuite Next user within your cluster.
Another great feature is the ability to use the Topaz Signature Pad to capture your winner's signature when they come to pick up their prizes.  You can truly become paperless with this, where the winner can read through your disclaimer form & just sign away as they would at any store. What's even better, is that if the winner requests a copy of the signed form, you can easily email it directly to them with the click of a button. No paper, no waste and happy trees!
So as you're out today planting trees for Arbor Day, remember that you can save that trees life once it grows up, simply by using great PromoSuite Next features already at your fingertips.

As always, your PromoSuite Client Relations Specialist is happy to show you these functions and can provide information on the Topaz Signature Pad compatible with PromoSuite Next. Simply reach out to them via phone at 212-509-1200, or via email. If you are uncertain of whom your Client Specialist is, please call and we can put you in touch with the correct person. Happy planting!

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