PromoSuite Next Expands the Backup Application!
Posted by Michael Malone, IT Manager, on 3/1/2016 1:00:00 PM.
Accidents happen. A mouse finds your network cable to be particularly tasty & chews right through it. Lightning strikes a tree, but rather than creating a magical bat from the branch, it crashes right through your cable wire. Or perhaps, just perhaps, your internet service provider does some “unscheduled maintenance” & leaves you in the Stone Age with no Facebook or cat videos. Luckily, we’ve still got you covered!

Last summer, we spoke about the PromoSuite Next In-Studio Backup Application, which would continuously back up all of your scheduled Programming Elements & Contests in the case of temporary loss of internet. Well now we’ve revamped the application & have included backup Winner Release forms for all of your undistributed prizes. This way, if a winner comes in while your internet is down, the front desk will be able to accurately distribute the prize without having to track down someone in Promotions.
Found in the Setup & Utilities section of PromoSuite Next, under Client Tools, once installed it will save a Winner Release form for all of your winners that have not yet been distributed to. Each hour, it will check to see if you have any new winners & create a PDF of the release form for that contest. If the person has already come & picked it up, it will remove that file, so that there will be no wasted space on your hard drive (just think of all the activities you can do!).
As always, your PromoSuite Client Relations Specialist is happy to help you with implementing the In-Studio Backup App. Simply reach out to them via phone at 212-509-1200, or via email. If you are uncertain of whom your Client Specialist is, please call and we can put you in touch with the correct person.
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