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Unlocking the Secrets of the Toolbar
Posted by Ben Singer on 11/12/2018 10:00:00 AM.

As a PromoSuite Client Support contact, one of the more interesting parts of my job happens when someone shares their screen with me so I can walk them through a question or problem they’re having. It really gives me a look into how they navigate the program, what buttons they use the most, and what buttons they may not even know are there.

In this article, I want to highlight a few features from the PromoSuite Next toolbar that can save you a ton of time. Give them a try and see what I mean!

Copy to Sister Stations

The above icon can be found in contests, programming elements, prizes, and many other places. This button allows users to copy content from the station currently being worked on to any other stations they can access. Stations who’ve adopted the functionality find it’s been able to reduce their workload exponentially. Give it a try!

Create Copy 

Why 2 copy buttons you may ask? Well, the “Create Copy” button is for all copying performed within the same station.  This is particularly useful for annual contests. Instead of starting completely fresh, users can copy the structure of last year’s giveaway. There’s never a reason to do duplicate work, and by using “Create Copy”, you won’t have to!


The audit button allows the user to see who, what, and when any changes were made to any content that they have access to. For instance, if an incorrect winner is marked in the studio, it will show to the second when the mistake was made, who made it, and lots of other useful details. The audit is a manager’s best friend when something goes awry!


On certain screens in PromoSuite, your browser’s back button might not be the best choice. Instead, use the “Back” button up in the toolbar. The Back button allows you to return to the previous report or screen, while also holding onto any potential changes in data made on the second page.  It’s the same kind of thing that happens in your online banking system—if you use the browser’s back button, it might display old information rather than reflecting the changes you made before hitting the Back button.

If this is getting too technical, don’t get stuck on it—just use the Back button in the toolbar rather than your browser and you’ll be good to go.


We understand that sometimes, information needs to be taken out of PromoSuite. To help do so, we have export icons for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF. With one click, the information can be exported in a variety of formats so the work doesn’t stop even after you exit PromoSuite. Since you can also use the “Modify Layout” in our reports to choose which information you want and what the order should be, these export options can help you get a lot of work done very quickly.


The above icons are just a few of many ways to streamline your day to day in PromoSuite. We want you spending your time in the most impactful ways possible! Curious to learn more? Call your Client Relations Specialist at (212) 509-1200 or email to learn how you can save even more time day-to-day!

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