Level-Up Your Digital Skills with PromoSuite
Posted by Matt Jacobson, Product Development Manager, on 3/13/2017 3:24:00 PM.
You have an app, a website, and a social media presence. You’re the digital wizard who somehow keeps it all going. PromoSuite Next is here to reinforce your arsenal and maximize your efforts across each platform. 

Level-Up Your Digital Skills with PromoSuite
Content Feeds – Use PromoSuite Next’s Storm Closings and Contest Rules feeds to keep your listeners up to date.
  • Pull your list of closed schools and businesses into your website or app and let your listeners find that information there in addition to your on-air broadcast. You could even provide your feed to your text messaging provider to send texts to your listeners about just the organizations that matter to them.
  • Updating the Contest Rules feed in PromoSuite will automatically update the rules on your website. This takes things out of the hands of your webmaster and puts it in the hands of promotions. 
Financial API
  • Our Financial API connects your PromoSuite Next database directly to your finance and bookkeeping systems.
  • Instead of generating your 1099 report as a spreadsheet or printing from PromoSuite Next, this API allows you to push out the info to another system, directly and automatically.
  • Particularly for larger enterprises, this connection drastically improves data security by preventing human error and the mishandling of spreadsheets with sensitive listener data like Social Security Numbers.
Listener API
  • The Listener API allows you to build a one-way bridge between your PromoSuite Next listener database and any other system you use.
  • By requiring fields like email address on your studio winner sheets and front desk prize pickup screen, you can use that information as unique identifiers to merge your PromoSuite Next data into other larger data sets.
  • Recommended Uses:
    • Think “Big Data.” Merge your PromoSuite Next data into another large-scale database for marketing purposes.
    • Allow email club opt-ins from the studio or front desk.
Scheduling API
  • The PromoSuite Next Scheduling API allows you to retrieve scheduled items from your PromoSuite Next Schedule Log and pull them into another place, like your website or app.
  • This information can be used to enrich your website or app content, without the need for your Digital team to update it manually.
  • Recommended Uses:
    • List your upcoming contests.
    • List on-air liner copy as added value to your advertisers.
  • Each website or app provider will likely have different ways that they can handle this type of information, so please reach out to us if you’d like to use this API. Or if it all sounds like Latin to you, we’d also be happy to talk to your provider—just let us know what we can do to help!
  • Are you also working with DMR? Turn on this integration to flag your “super-fans” when they come in to pick up prizes!
  • This integration adds DMR’s Amplifier, Hot Zip, and Loyal Contest Player distinctions to the Front Desk prize pickup screen.
  • By giving your receptionist a heads up that a listener is particularly important (based on DMR’s analysis), you can super-serve them by giving them a tour of the station, a meet-and-greet with your on-air staff, or something else that builds loyalty and gets them sharing their love for your station on social media.
  • For more information about how this integration works, check out the article on the PromoSuite Blog, or just ask your PromoSuite rep!
Social Media – Use the PromoSuite Next-Twitter Integration to congratulate your winners directly from the studio. Read the payoff on-air and then offer a digital version and make them Internet Famous. Be sure to @mention them and you’ll be sure to blow up that listener’s notifications and get your own Retweets and Favorites along the way. #Winning!
Song Requests – Use PromoSuite Next’s Song Request form on your website to generate traffic and take song requests online. The form has been created for you already. You just need to frame it into your website. To make it even easier to update, we’ve included editors so you can customize the text, add sponsors, and change this regularly without involving your web person.
Premium Feature ListenerEmail – The original online social media platform, the inbox, is as popular as ever. PromoSuite’s ListenerEmail users have sent email blasts to their winners for almost 20 years. Keep in touch with your insiders directly, sending personalized communication about upcoming contests, shows and presales. Not a current ListenerEmail client? Reach out to your Client Relations Specialist today to inquire about signing up!
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