The Importance of Logging Out
Posted by CJ Knowles, Business Development Manager, on 8/13/2018 11:30:00 AM.

On the topic of security, users sometimes ask us why PromoSuite Next logs them out. While we know it can sometimes catch you off guard, it’s very important. It’s about more than just protecting your stations’ listener data—it’s about protecting you specifically!

We always encourage users to log out of PromoSuite Next using the Logout button under their name. We know though that people sometimes forget, or they just close the browser tab with the X in the corner, or they just leave their browser open and go home for the day (looking at you, On-Air folks…). So, it’s with your security in mind that PromoSuite Next logs you out after periods of inactivity. Our automatic logout helps to make sure no nefarious ne’er-do-wells hijack the PromoSuite session that you left open and do something shady, then have you take the fall for it.

Remember, PromoSuite Next tracks who is logged in when certain things happen (giving away a prize, for instance), so you want to make sure you’re protecting yourself. It’s also a standard requirement for software that manages personal information like your listener database.

If you’re regularly being logged out, chances are you’re doing one or more of the following:

  • Leaving PromoSuite open overnight while automation is running, then your Morning Show rolls in and gets logged out the first time they click a button.
  • Leaving PromoSuite open while you leave for lunch, then getting pulled into someone’s office for a “quick question,” only to get back to your desk 3 and a half hours later.
  • Multitasking. You’re writing Liner copy in PromoSuite Next in one browser tab, and you also have tabs open for your social accounts, Gmail, station website, and 3 vaguely interesting Wikipedia articles you somehow opened but have yet to read. Hours go by, you eventually click back to PromoSuite Next, and you get logged out due to inactivity.

Here are a few best practices for using PromoSuite Next, and specifically to avoid getting logged out:

  • Always log out of PromoSuite Next with the logout button when you’re done (see screenshot). If you don’t do this, even if you close your browser tab, someone can still come back to your computer, hit CTRL + Shift + T and re-open the tab you just closed, still logged in to your account. This actually goes for every site you log into online—Gmail, Facebook, your banking sites, your online dating profile. Don’t let your nerdy coworkers steal your money, mess with your contests, or maliciously swipe right.
  • If you get into the studio (or any other computer) and PromoSuite Next is already open under someone else’s name, log out and log in with your credentials. You’ll be helping them out, and it will make sure all of the audit tracking is accurate.
  • If you are a multitasker, just make sure you save your work in PromoSuite Next if you know you’re about to go down a click-bait rabbit hole. We can’t be held responsible for your debilitating interest in the World Cup, your unmedicated Twitter addiction, or the fifteenth draft of the email you’re writing to your ex.

Bottom line: if you get logged out, please know that it’s because we have your best interest in mind. If you have any questions or scenarios you need to get to the bottom of, feel free to reach out and we’ll happily do some detective work with you.

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