PromoSuite and DMR/Interactive Partner to Super-Serve Your Most Prized Listeners
Posted by CJ Knowles, Business Development Manager, on 6/30/2016 6:00:00 PM.
In today's business world, data is king - the more you have, the better your strategy can be, and the more intelligent your decisions will be. This certainly isn't new ground for radio, but as many of our clients have lamented, there is so much data that it can be challenging to know how to make it actionable. That's why PromoSuite Next is now seamlessly integrated with the data analysis powerhouses over at DMR/Interactive - to help you roll out the red carpet for the most important and influential listeners in your market.

A long-time friend and business partner of ours, DMR sifts through your mountains of data to identify the exact listeners you should be super-serving to affect ratings and revenue. Their special sauce is extremely potent, and we've had dozens of clients throughout the years sing their praises to us. So earlier this year, we set out to combine forces with DMR for the greater good of radio.

What we quickly realized when analyzing our Venn diagrams was that PromoSuite Next offers a unique opportunity to DMR clients - to flag DMR-identified "super-fans" when they are physically at your radio station to pick up prizes. By giving your receptionist a heads up that this listener is a person who can help you move the needle, you can super-serve them by giving them a tour of the station, a meet-and-greet with your on-air staff, or something else that builds loyalty and gets them sharing their love for your station on social media.

Here's what your receptionist would see in PromoSuite Next during Prize Pickup:

Then it's just up to you and your trusty DMR rep to determine what experience or acknowledgement to give those key listeners.

If you're interested in having your DMR data available in PromoSuite Next, just get in touch with us or your DMR rep to let us know you want in. 212-509-1200, or
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