Digital Signature Capture for Winner Release & W-9 Forms
Posted by David Cid on 10/31/2016 11:00:00 AM.
PromoSuite has created an app that makes the process of capturing and storing signatures seamless! Whether its Winner Release Forms or government mandated W-9’s, the days of printing forms and handing a pen to your listeners are gone!

You can download the new PromoSuite QR App for iOS, Android or Amazon Kindle Fire devices, and then use the camera on any Wi-Fi enabled device to integrate the PromoSuite QR App with PromoSuite Next and capture your winner’s signature.

To begin using the new feature within PromoSuite Next, click into Listener History, select either “Winner Release Form” or “W-9s” and then ‘Capture Signature’. This is where you will utilize the PromoSuite QR App to scan the QR code that appears in PromoSuite Next.

The form will then appear on the tablet screen, and the listener will be able to review the text and sign using their finger or stylus. Once the winner has signed on the dotted line, the signature will appear back in PromoSuite Next. You can choose to either print a copy for the winner, or, if you have the winner’s email address on file, you can click a button to instantly email a copy directly to them. No more printing and no more wasting paper! Now, all of your Winner Release Forms and W-9s forms are housed digitally within PromoSuite Next.
Prior to purchasing any new device, we suggest you contact your Client Relations Specialist directly to confirm the compatibility of your preferred device. As always, never hesitate to contact us with any questions at 212-509-1200 or
PromoSuite Next

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