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Create & Schedule All Your Live Content with PromoSuite Next
Posted by Ben Singer on 7/12/2017 11:00:00 AM.

Contests? Of course! PromoSuite Next is the industry standard on-air and online contesting system. However, PromoSuite Next also manages ALL of your live content with ease!

Liners, PSAs and Sponsorships can all be created and scheduled within PromoSuite Next. If it’s taking longer than 5 minutes to schedule your live content, or if you’re constantly running copy to the studio, we can help. With that in mind, here are some of our client's favorite ways to schedule your Programming Elements.

1. Scheduling with Categories:

The scheduling clock is a Program Director's best friend. With it we can prioritize liners, set a regular featured sponsorship, or create simple structure around a stop set. Below, is a scheduling clock with 15 A liners, 10 B liners, and 5 C liners daily.

Using such a clock, you can create liners and assign them a priority category and # to run depending on how often you want them to air. If you don't have a specific number of times that it needs to run you can select “Just rotate them” in the scheduling utility and rotate all the liners of each particular-category. For example, if I had three “A liners”, 5 of each would be rotated within the 15 “A Liner” slots daily. Better yet, this methodology requires no “# to run” entered, meaning no math is needed! You can schedule all your liners with just two clicks.

2. Planning by Daypart
Another popular methodology for scheduling live content is to do so using the “Planning by Daypart” Utility. For this example, you use the same scheduling clock, only this time removing all categories for the liner slots.
From there. via Programming > Scheduling > Utilities > Planning By Dayparts, you can open up the Daypart Matrix, where you enter the exact number of liners you desire scheduled per daypart. What is gained here is on a day to day basis the time each liner will run rotates within the daypart it is scheduled. Lets say you have a liner marked to run twice during a 6am -10 am morning show. That means each day it will randomly choose 2 of your time slots associated with that daypart.
Using this tool, you can have no two dayparts look the same. For the price of a little math, you gain the ability to make each shift unique in its scheduling. With all the heavy lifting done, all that remains is to select “Daypart Planning” in and scheduling utility and voila.
These are just 2 option in a plethora of methodologies used by stations to schedule live content. Our goal is to tailor PromoSuite Next to the needs of each individual station. Like I said before, if scheduling is a painful time-consuming process, we can make it better.
Like what you saw above, or curious if a better method exists for your needs? Give us a ring at 212-509-1200, and your station’s Client Relations Specialist will be more than happy to set you up because, as always, support and training for PromoSuite Next is free and unlimited! 
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