Help Reduce Chaos this Winter Season with Storm Closings and PromoSuite Next
Posted by Michael Malone, IT Manager, on 11/7/2017 1:00:00 PM.

For anyone in radio that lives in a cold weather state, you can probably relate to the dread that accompanies any major snowstorm (beyond just the block of ice you find your car in). Bad weather and emergency situations provide you with an endless supply of closings and delays from schools and community organizations, all day long. Before you know it you’re skipping your favorite morning show bits to talk about the weather…

The team at PromoSuite can’t make the snow go away, but we can make it an easier one with our Storm Closings tool. Storm Closings can help you manage, organize and update all of your closing and delays in real time, sending a live feed to both your station websites and your studio.
It works in two ways. First, you can allow the organizations in your community to enter their own closing and delay information through a secure log-in on your website. It’s all password protected and secure, so there’s no worry about meddling kids getting their sneaky little paws in there. The second option is to just have your front desk or newsroom staff enter the updates right in PromoSuite Next. You can use both methods at the same time too, since we know not every school’s admin is going to be comfortable with all this newfangled technology.
The beauty is that you can display your Storm Closings in real-time both on your stations’ websites and as a feed in the Studio. Once its set up you’ll never need to edit your website again—it just updates automatically as schools and organizations submit their closings. And most importantly, this also provides you with a great advertising or sponsorship opportunity on your website, with huge surges of web traffic during inclement weather.
Call your Client Relations Specialist today for an in-depth look at Storm Closings and how it can benefit your station. PromoSuite offices can be reached at (212) 509-1200, or by emailing
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