Twitter functionality comes to PromoSuite Next
Posted by David Cid on 3/2/2016 10:00:00 AM.
Ever since it launched in 2006 Twitter has become a staple in the social media game. The ability to reach millions of people with a message of 140 characters or less has been used by numerous companies and organizations to reach a wider audience. By way of re-tweeting, hash tagging, and general ease of use, we can not only keep our fingers on the pulse of our current audience; but also expose ourselves to a wide range of people that otherwise would not have known we existed.

In case you are wondering how this is relevant to PromoSuite Next, the answer is simple… PromoSuite Next now has Twitter integration! Through the In-Studio section of PromoSuite Next you can congratulate contest winners in real time right after they win a contest. With a quick & easy set-up, and the click of a button you have showed your loyal listeners some love. Some re-tweeting here, a little hash tagging there, and you’ve successfully let a whole lot of people know how awesome your radio station is.
The set up for this is pretty straight forward. Starting in the Setup/In-Studio section you will see a tab labeled “social”. Once you get there you will be able to establish whatever message you want to tweet out every time a winner is selected In-Studio.
With the help of merge fields you can have PromoSuite automatically insert certain information into your tweet, such as the winner’s name, city, contest won, and Twitter handle. This is one of those things that really is as easy as clicking a button! If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you also have the ability to edit the tweet and add/delete information before you finalize your message and tweet it out.
Twitter integration in PromoSuite Next is a great feature that all stations can take advantage of; and although you may have just become a social media expert after reading this, remember, there is always a Client Relations Specialist a phone call away to walk you through the process. We can’t wait to read your tweets!
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