Passwords: Like Locking Your Front Door at Night
Posted by Nia Levy on 8/10/2018 11:00:00 AM.

We get a lot of questions from users about passwords, particularly why PromoSuite requires a password change every 90 days and doesn’t allow you to recycle the same password for a 180-day period. If your music scheduling and automation software don’t require this, why do we?

The answer is simple: listener data. PromoSuite Next houses addresses, contact information, and even social security numbers. Your company is responsible for housing this sensitive data, and passwords are the first of our many lines of industry standard defenses. After all, you can have 4-foot concrete walls with bars on the windows, but they aren’t going to do much if you leave the front door wide open!

Hacking can be a real threat. To combat this, we prevent the recycling of passwords. This benefits you two-fold. First, if someone guesses your password, they only have it for so long before it gets changed again, preventing constant access. It also keeps you from having the same password across multiple platforms. This stops someone who has gained access to a separate account from also getting into PromoSuite. When you receive a prompt that your password needs to be changed in 7 days, don’t be alarmed. That’s just the system’s way of ensuring top-notch safety for your listener databases. You may also notice that when creating or changing your password, we have some specific criteria on what to include in the password. At least one capital letter, at least one lower case letter, a special character, etc., should be included in your password. The reasoning behind this is you want to ensure you have a good password that’s not too short and extremely hard to guess for any hacking attempts.

Should you need further details on password security or would like to set up a training, feel free to reach out to your client relations specialist at 212-509-1200.

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